Watch & Listen

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CD Audiobooks

Fiction and non-fiction books in audio CD format are available at both branches with titles for adults, young adults and children.

Music CDs

A large and varied selection of music CDs, ranging from classical, country, pop, holiday and more, are available at Downtown Library.


Watch movies, television series and children’s programs on DVD or Blu-Ray. The non-fiction collection includes documentaries, history, language and more. Available at both library branches.

Binge Boxes

Borrow hours of entertainment with our binge box collection! Each box contains 5-6 DVDs that share a theme like “I Call Shotgun” and “Puzzling Adventures”.

Library Speakers Consortium

Enjoy a range of talks from bestselling authors and thought leaders.

Launchpad Tablets

Launchpads are guided learning tablets with preloaded apps, stories, and videos, generally around a particular theme. They do not connect to the internet. Built with durable bumpers and double tempered glass, they are a worry-free way to allow screen time for children.

Vox Books

Voxbooks combine outstanding picture books, chapter books, and non-fiction titles with audio recordings built right into the book that capture children’s attention and make learning and literacy development fun.